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Spinal Decompression in La Crosse

Lower back and neck painSpinal decompression can be a very effective method to address disc injuries or other issues that cause pain in the neck or low back. At M.Y. Life Health Center, spinal decompression therapy is one of the services we offer to help our patients get out of pain, regain mobility and function at their highest level.

What Is It & How Does It Work?

Our spine is made up of vertebrae separated and cushioned by fluid-filled discs. The things we do daily—and even the effects of gravity pressing down on us all the time—can put pressure on these discs, causing them to move out of position and press on nearby nerves. This results in pain and loss of mobility, particularly in the neck and low back.

Many people think surgery is the only recourse for disc issues, but spinal decompression therapy can often be a very effective, non-invasive approach to relieve the pain and help the discs heal.

This treatment works by relieving pressure on the discs, allowing increased hydration to the area, and creating negative pressure that helps pull the discs back into their proper position.

Our Approach

We have a special computerized traction table that you’ll lie on for this therapy. We’ll strap you in, and then the table will gently stretch your spine at the appropriate intensity, and then release, repeating this for the entire session, which lasts about 10-15 minutes.

We always pair spinal decompression therapy with chiropractic adjustments to offer the best results. We recommend a minimum of three sessions to give the discs a chance to heal—your recommendation will be tailored to your specific needs.

Generally, we use this therapy for acute issues, but some patients find it helpful in relieving chronic disc issues. Your chiropractor will talk with you about the best approach for your neck or low back pain.

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